• We are a team of professionals and technicians of high and recognized expertise in the development of projects within the energy sector. We work to transform and respond the current demands of progress through the provision of services and comprehensive technology and engineering solutions that contribute to the growth of infrastructure, management and use of natural gas.



  • To promote and perform activities with technological and scientific innovation in the development, management and applications of Compressed Natural Gas (GNC) for vehicle use.



  • To achieve well-being and quality of life of people within the Mexican society as well as to make the vehicle industry more efficient and competitive. To support the start of the sustainable development in Mexico through the promotion of the benefits of CNG for vehicle use and its applications as an alternative fuel.



  • To reach leadership in operational excellence through discipline and risk prevention actions in the industry processes an Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) applications for vehicle use.



  • To formulate and implement management and environmental programs trough actions, studies, projects, remeasurement and bioremediation technologies, averting and mitigating air, water and soil pollution.



  • To address in a scientific and technological manner the different processes to obtain total quality when carrying out our activities in hand with ongoing training of our human resource element and fulfillment of standards, national and international rules and regulations in force.  


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informes@tecnigasmx.com tecnigasmx@gmail.com

Phone: +52 (55) 1555-6946

Mobile: +52 (55) 4403-8138 

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